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HOPE Restorations


Hope Restorations is a non-profit organization, created to do just what our name says, restore hope. In assessing the needs of our community, we began to realize that there are vast amount of homes and neighborhoods in our community that have been neglected and are in need of repair. Many of these homes have been abandoned or are occupied by people struggling to meet their own financial needs and are unable to afford to improve these “broken” structures. We also came to the realization that our community is filled with people who are battling addiction and are trying to find a way to repair their “broken” lives with very few resources to assist in that process. We realized that both of these situations were in need of the same thing…the restoration of hope.

• Hope that a family could live in a home where they feel safe and proud.

• Hope that one could afford to pay their utility bills because their home is well insulated.

• Hope that neighborhoods could experience growth and development to be filled with our next generation of citizens.

• Hope that one could regain stability through structured employment and training.

• Hope that one could gain employable skills, through on the job training and return to a stable job.

• Hope that an employer would believe in the process of recovery enough to hire someone battling addiction.

We believe that restoring hope is possible and we have been blessed with funding from Duke Endowment to help us begin to make these beliefs a reality for our community. We have begun identifying and purchasing homes needing restoration and are hiring people who are seeking recovery from addiction, TRAINING AND EMPLOYING THEM to help make these repairs. As we continue to see our ministry grow, it is our desire that we continue to help others see that when people come together, believing that change is possible, we will begin to see hope restored in many ways in our community…one life, one house, one neighborhood at a time.

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