Our history

Over 80 years in service


The name Lenoir County United Way (later, Lenoir-Greene United Way) was adopted by the Board of Directors of the United Community Fund of Lenoir in 1975, continuing a tradition of adaptability to social changes spanning over forty years. The name change reflected our desire to join other similar organizations over the country to have a common name and identification.

United Community Fund of Lenoir County was created in 1952 when a decision to expand county-wide services was made. The new organization replaced the Kinston Community Chest that had served the community for two decades prior to 1952.

The first president of the United Fund, as it was first called was Al Proctor. Through the years, successive community leaders have served as president and as campaign leaders, each bringing to the United Way his or her devotion and leadership. The first campaign chairman of the Untied Way in 1954 was J.T. Sutton, Jr.

As is the case with most volunteer groups, the real strength of its program lies with the vitality of its leadership. The dedication of this volunteer leadership has been the hallmark of the success of the Lenoir-Greene United Way.

The goal of the first campaign in 1952 was $47,840.06 to support seven local agencies. The Lenoir-Greene United Way has grown, not only in terms of monies raised and goals achieved, but more importantly in the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the support services provided by its member agencies.

Each and every resident of Lenoir and Greene Counties can be justly proud of the long record of achievements of past United Way campaigns and the devotion of literally hundreds of volunteers who make it all work…without them and the contributors, not of this great work would have been possible.


Past United Way Board Presidents


1954 Al Proctor

1955 Paul LaRoque

1956 Robert A. Curtis

1957 Reese Walter

1958 Robert H. Gilbert

1959 Warren S. Perry

1960 John C. Hood

1961 Leo Brody

1962 E. Merle Edwards

1963 Frank Fitzgerald

1964 Felix Harvey

1965 J.V. Brittle

1966 Thomas Heath, Jr.

1967 Dan Perry

1968 Albert Stroud

1969 W.  Colon Byrd

1970 Fred I. Sutton

1971 Fred I. Sutton

1972 Oscar Greene, Jr.

1973 Oscar Greene, Jr.

1974 Dr. J.L. McDaniel, Jr.

1975 P.C. Barwick

1976 Andy Culpepper

1977 George Harper

1978 Kenneth Davis

1978 Tommy Morris, int.

1979 Paul Chused

1980 James Faucette

1981 Paul Wellman

1982 Dan Perry

1983 Warren Whitehurst

1984 Robert Stiehl, Jr.

1985 Wayne Malone

1986 Emily Moore


1987 Donald Joyner

1988 Wes Perry

1989 Tom Chamberlin

1990 Ray Wooten

1991 John McNairy

1992 Dan Oliver

1993 Ed Cooper

1994 Debbie Chused

1995 Debbie Chused

1996 Kay Harrell

1997 Bill Krell

1998 Bill Watson

1999 Ray Spain

2000 Carleen Crawford

2001 Frances Parrott

2002 Jim Dobbins

2003 Michael Moseley

2004 Jim Bardon

2005 Patrick Holmes

2006 Patrick Holmes

2007 Jack Jones

2008 Kevin Zoltek

2009 Scott Newton

2010 Steve Jefferson

2011 Scott Stevens

2011 Don Davenport, int.

2012 Jay Carraway

2013 Lisa Wallace

2014 Jimmy Smith

2015 Michael Rhodes

2016 Michael Rhodes

2017 Dolph Mintz

2018 Dolph Mintz